All types of Fish, Shellfish and Dairy are permitted.
Meat and Dairy products are not permitted, however, all types of Fish are permitted, including Shellfish.
Meat, Fish and Dairy are not permitted, however, Shellfish are permitted.
Meat, Fish, Dairy, Shellfish, Wine (Alcohol) & Oil, are not permitted.
Forefeast - The day or days before a Major Feast Day.
Leave-Taking - This is the day in which a Major Feast Day comes to a close.
Saturday of the Souls - Soul Sabbath.
Rest Day - This applies to all Major Feast Days.
Feast Day - is a day dedicated to either a saint or an event.
All types of food are permitted.
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Sundays of January
* M/G = Matins Gospel.

In the First Week of the Great Lent, there are no oil days, except for the Saturday and Sunday, so please disregard the Oil Day which has accidentally been added for the Feast of St. Haralampos (10th/23rd Feb).