• The two natures of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  • The two wills  of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  • The Son of God.

  • The Son of Man.

  • The Messiah.

  • Biblical names of Christ.

  • The Judge of the world.

The two natures of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

        The teaching of the Orthodox Church regarding our Lord Jesus Christ is that He was both Perfect God and Perfect Man, which means that the He had two natures, Divine and Human. In theology this is called the doctrine of the hypostatic union, from the Greek word "hypostasis" meaning: (the underlying state or underlying substance). 

Early Church Fathers such as St. Athanasius the Great, used the term "hypostatic union" to describe the teaching that these two distinct natures (Divine and Human) co-existed substantively and in reality in the single person of Jesus Christ. This is not just an opinion of certain "theologians", this is in fact, one of the most important Dogmas of the Church, as this Divine Truth is clearly shown in the Bible.


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