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30-33 Holy Spirit descends on the day of Pentecost.

34 Apostle Peter founds See of Antioch.

35 Name Christian first used in Antioch.

37 Joseph of Arimathea travels to Britain and lands in Glastonbury.

40 Apostle Barnabas sent from Jerusalem to Antioch.

42 Apostle Paul's ecstasy to the third heaven (2 Cor.12:2-4).

46-48 Apostle Paul's first missionary journey, with Apostle Barnabas.

49 Apostolic Council of Jerusalem rules that Gentiles do not have to become Jews before becoming Christians.

49-52 Apostle Paul's second missionary journey, with Apostle Silas.

50 Apostle Matthew finishes the Gospel of Matthew in Aramaic.

52 Apostle Thomas arrives in Kerala, introducing Christianity to India.

53-57 Apostle Paul's third missionary journey (Acts 18:23 - 21:16).

59-62 Apostle Paul's fourth missionary journey, voyage to Rome.

62 Martyrdom of Apostle James the Just; crucifixion of Apostle Andrew in Patras.

63 Aristobulus consecrated as first bishop of Britain.

64-68 First of ten major persecutions of the early Church, under Emperor Nero.

66 Flight of the Christian community in Jerusalem to Pella and other places in the Decapolis, and Antioch.

67 Martyrdom of Apostles Peter and Paul in Rome; Apostle Linus elected first bishop of Rome.

69 Ignatius of Antioch consecrated bishop of Antioch.

70 Apostle Mark writes Gospel; Temple in Jerusalem is destroyed by the Romans; expulsion of Christians from synagogues.

71 Apostle Mark introduces Christianity to Egypt.

80 Gospel of Luke written by the Apostle Luke; Titus dedicates Colosseum, site of the martyrdom of many early Christians.

80-90 Didache written.

85 Acts of the Apostles written by Apostle Luke.

90 Council of Jamnia (Javneh) marks final separation and distinction between the Jewish and Christian communities, including rejection of the Septuagint widely then in use among the Hellenized Jewish diaspora.

95 Apostle John writes Book of Revelation.

90-96 Persecution of Christians under Emperor Domitian (2nd).

96 Gospel of John written by Apostle John.

100 Emergence of Christian Catacombs.

100 Death of Apostle John.

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