Cyrill, by the Grace of God Archbishop of Constantinople - New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch,

To the most honorable clerics of our Great Church of Christ, other most God-fearing Hierarchs and most saintly hieromonks, singers in churches of our city, the Grace, and Peace of God be with us. However, we, where our Holy God has considered us to be found before him with the canonically established Apostolic and Patriarchal Throne, the followers of Paul, who says: "If someone would annunciate contrary to what we annunciated to you, even that be an angel from heavens, anathema on him"; and the Synodical canons which they say whoever desires to add or remove a single iota, even unto him, let him be seven- times Anathema: and so, we, addressing ourselves to the sacred clergy and laity, say: if he is a hierarch or a faithful one, he is to be removed from God, damned, and after death not to rot, but to dwell in eternal torment. Let stone and iron scatter and decay - they never and by no means. Let them inherit Gehasi's leprosy and Judas's hanging; let them dwell on earth like Cain, moaning and shivering; and let the wrath of God be on their heads and their share be with the traitor Judas and god-fighting Jews; let the earth open and swallow them, like once Dathan and Abiron; let the Angel of God chase them with a sword in all the days of their lives, and let them succumb to all the damnations of the Patriarch and the Synod under the eternal removal and in torment of eternal fire of Gehenna. Amen.